Is the future of fitness without Gym?


Fitness is becoming increasingly techie and accessible. Thanks to a few key trends, being fit could be no longer connected to the gym.
If any of you are considering building new clubs for renovating old ones it's worthwhile to read what could be the next fitness industry scenario.

1) Rise by We and WeWork.
In just eight years, WeWork has built a global network of 212 shared working spaces and has been valued at $20 billion. Co- working space is a big trend in our age of digital isolation and remote work. It is something on the horizon that is coming towards the club industry that is very powerful. Like a tidal wave. In the distance it looks small but as it gets closer you see its devastating energy.



2) Technology and digital trasformation
In today’s business arena, traditional measurements of success no longer hold up.
Because of the diverse range of opportunities on offer online, many consumers no longer feel it is necessary to go to the gym to train. The increasing demand for fitness alternatives outside of the fixed gym is presenting new challenges to the industry. This market, which is already highly competitive, is being encouraged to implement sustainable changes, specifically by the influence of new digital technologies and consequently changing consumer wishes. The challenge for gyms consists of recognizing potential new competitors for what they are and reacting appropriately.

3) Revenue Model Changes
In our interconnected and always-on world, business lifecycles get shorter and shorter. Companies have always expected to change business models from time to time, but now many keep updating them rapid-fire. Sometimes, when the model continues to meet your organizational goals for revenue, cost and competitive differentiation, you don't have to change it right away. But you must be ready to update it at any time, and you must know when and how to do so.
Change is being driven by what happens in the marketplace.
Remember that successful business innovators are always aligned with what their customers value. Lining up all aspects of their operations with customer values allows them to anticipate and act on the need for change before competitors do.

4) At Home Sharing Streaming Classes

Technology is now part of our lives. in a world where you do not have more time for yourself, the fitness market brings us the solution with streaming lessons to be done directly in the most intimate and beloved place you have. Home.

5) Growth hacking marketing for sales and marketing
Growth hacking is the intersection between marketing and technology. What can you do and track as it relates to your web page design, email templates, social sharing links, advertising creatives/landing pages, etc. that you can iterate with A/B testing, to continually improve until you find that "Aha Moment" that will lead to rapid, viral and affordable customer growth (as opposed to expensive traditional media buys which most startups can't afford).
Growth hacking has become such a highly-demanded discipline for startups, that stand alone information sharing sites, and dedicated events, have been created to help better serve the startup marketing eco system. At the end of the day, growth hacking is all about driving as much growth as you can, with spending as little money as possible. And, good growth hackers are driven by the challenge and the "game" of it.

6) Personal Trainers APP
To practice a sport, today, has become a lifestyle that concerns body and mind. We like to stay fit and feel good, but we have less and less time to devote to ourselves and finding time to reach the gym is often difficult. It is always smarter and you tend to prefer do-it-yourself workouts to practice, why not, comfortably in your living room or in the garden. The fitness apps are a great help, through which personal trainers share their winning workouts, explained step by step.

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