31st gathering
May 14-16, 2024 - ALBANIA

Attend the 31st REX International Gathering (may 14-16 | ALBANIA) and be part of a group of visionary CEOs and Fitness Club owners who, together, are already beginning to shape the future of the Fitness Industry.


Feeding Innovation: designing a revolutionary Business Model to redefine the Food Delivery Industry
with Genti Selenica
Sales & Marketing Manager Vianova

Data protection e Cyber Security
with Dardan Prebreza
Pretera Co-Founder


The 4 pillars of a Scale Up company: people, strategy, execution, cash

"Scaling" your business is not just a question of dimensional growth, but of sustainable and intelligent expansion. At the Albanian meeting we will explore together the pillars of this model to draw concrete ideas to apply to your own reality and adapt to your business model.

Peer's Sharing

Sharing of the most innovative solutions that 17 other owners of hundreds of top clubs around the world are adopting to improve their businesses and their lives.


Day 1: Tue, may 14
3.30 pm - Company visit
7.30 pm - Open Network Dinner

Day 2: Wed, may 15
 08:45 am / 5:00 pm - Official Gathering
7.30 pm - Open Network Dinner

Day 3: Thu, may 16
08:45 am / 4:00 pm - Official Gathering

This is a pivotal time to renew your commitment to innovation and change.
We are seeking a few new members, bold and visionary entrepreneurs who are willing to co-create the Future of the Fitness Industry.

Contact us for more information or to join:

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