30th gathering
Jan 30- Feb 1 | SWITZERLAND

30th REX-INTERNATIONAL Team Gathering
SWITZERLAND, Jen 30th - Feb 1st, 2024

The REX-International team members will gather for their 30th Gathering in Switzerland in the wonderful location of the RoyAlp Hôtel, in Villars-sur-Ollon.

Unpredictability is a defining characteristic of running a business today, and it’s only expected to get worse.

During theses times of uncertainty it can become easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed as a CEO and Enterpreneur.

Finding a PLACE and the TIME to slow down – pausingthinking and focusing– with a trusted "Strategic Peer Advisory Team", can accelerate your business and life success.

Investing in your business and leadership development is critical in times of uncertainity.


Do you believe in innovation and change? Are you exploring new concepts?
We are looking for a couple of new members who think differently and are willing to co-create the future of the Fitness Industry with us for a fitter and healthier planet.
The maximum number of members allowed for each team is 18, and we only accept one from each country.

Positions are already occupied by UNR members for Iceland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Portugal, Netherland, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore and Romania.


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