ChatGPT Founderís 6 Rules for Success in Business and Life

Sam Altman, as President of Y Combinator and OpenAI/ChatGPT founder, has observed thousands of great and bad CEOs.

From this, he formulated 6 rules to succeed in busienss and life:

1. Find a Strategic Thinking Space to getting better in Thinking Before Planning and Doing

Successful entrepreneurs and CEOs try to have a healthy balance between thinking, planning and doing. There are forever methods, relationship and ideas just waiting to be discovered to keep growing PROFITS, and these can only be discovered by creating space for thinking.

If you start your planning activities before thinking, you can end up with the wrong solution to the right problem. Or perhaps to the right solution to the wrong problem.

Or the least imaginative solution to a really important problem.

The objective of the most successful CEOs is to make sure that imaginative, open, playful, passionate thinking happens before the serious work of planning begins.

Strategy is about finding opportunities the competition hasn’t found yet. Or opportunities competition doesn’t understand because it hasn’t done the kind of thinking that the successful organizations have.

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