Gathering February 03, 2021

Tuesday, February 3th, 09:00 am (Rome CET time).

A special virtual REX roundtable meeting with 14 Fitness Club owners and CEOs, who manage more than 950 clubs in 20 countries.

A great source of inspiration and information to envision the future.

If you are the owner or CEO of a business in the fitness industry, this Virtual-REX roundtable will provide insight, energy, and inspiration. It will provide you with insight and insight into the consumer and give you an overview of their future wishes and wishes. You can then apply all of this knowledge to your brand identity, product and service design, business model, style, culture, or marketing to engage the consumer that fits your brand or business, now and in the future.

This V-meeting is reserved for REX-International members only, but we may allow some other executives to participate.

Contact us to know how to join.

REX EMEA CEO Fausto Di Giulio


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