February 17-18, 2021

22nd REX-International Virtual Gathering
- February 17-18 -

15 Fitness Club owners and CEOs, managing more than 950 clubs in 20 countries, together to discuss and share ideas about the future of the fitness industry. A great source of inspiration and information to envision the future.

Here some of the topics that the team will discuss during the gathering:
- New products and solutions to attract and retain new members.
- The new business of recovery to make the fitness club more sustainable and profitable 
- New sales and marketing automation for lead generation
- The future of brick and mortar GYMs
- COVID killed your GYM Buyers Personas and GYM Customer Journey Map. How to adapt your business model?
- Fahad Alhagbani (REX member from SAUDI ARABIA): he is opening now new Boutique, Premium and Budget GYMs. He will share what he has changed to adapt his business models.
- Sean Tan (REX member with clubs in SINGAPORE and TAIWAN): he will share his experience regarding the recovering Fitness Industry in ASIA.
- Julien Corbiere (REX member from FRANCE): owning one of the largest facility in Europe, he will share his vision of the future of the EXPERIENCES. 

This V-Gathering is reserved to REX-International members.  Only and one operator from each country. Contact us for more information and to apply to particiapate.

REX EMEA CEO: Fausto Di Giulio


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