Virtual Meeting November 21-22-23

14 international fitness club owners and CEOs, managing more than 1,300 locations in 30 countries, virtually together for 3 days to seize new opportunities and face possible challenges in the fitness industry

22nd meeting
 November 21-22-23, 2020

22nd meeting of this exclusive team of some of the most progressive and modern thinking entrepreneurs and CEOs. In these three days they will share Ideas and Best Practices while supporting and challenging each other to change before it’s too late. 

You should attend to nurture and sharpen your entrepreneurial gut intuition through three days of strategic thinking and creative dis-connection from the daily whirlwind with international colleagues. We’ll be discussing and sharing ideas about how to thrive for the next 18 mounths after the re-opening. Special guest speakers will contribute to the discussions.

The maximum number of members allowed for each REX team is 18, and we only accept one from each country. Positions are available for Spain, Germany, China, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Israel, Thailand, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom and others.

Positions are already occupied by members from Iceland, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Portugal, Netherland, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Cyprus, Poland.

V-REX Members get

  • REX Gathering: 3 meeting a year, each one lasting 3 days (virtual o face-to-face).
  • Virtual-REX Meeting: monthly confidential 90 minutes virtual live CEO roundtable meetings with other 15/18 peers and interviews with selected speakers with live Q&As.
  • CEO Live & on-demand webinars: monthly on-demand or live leadership and business training (in areas like improving culture, raising capital, hiring, sales, marketing etc.).
  • REXconnect: daily access to the Power of REX Peers asking questions to both your private group and/or the international community, using a set of REX tools to create deep connections that boost sharing and innovation.

Contact us for more information or to join:

REX EMEA CEO Fausto Di Giulio

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