REX Webinars June 8th


Fitness Industry: how to lead in a time of crisis


10th REX Webinar
June, Monday 8th, 4:00pm (Rome - CEST - UTC+2 time)

(be sure to attend it live, this webinar will be not recorded).


THINK TANK: quantity now is Quality later
Leading in a time of crisis requires quick thinking

 In the process of making great business, the quantity of ideas determines the quality of the decision.

Following the framework of our REX Gatherings, where the first part is totally dedicated to filling a "Well of Ideas" from many different perspectives (speakers, views, contries, mentalities, business models, sectors), our REX webinars have been aimed at stimulating and maximizing the Sharing of Ideas amongst industry leaders and experts guests, hence why we have as many illuistrious voices in the panels as possible. 

In this "Cascade of Ideas" participants are able to find more than one option, solution, inspiration to take home and work on and turn it into informed action. Making Business decisions without having a wide perspective can cause fatal mistakes. 

Here is a partial list of the next 20+ Ideas Catalyzers invited to share their experiences at the June REX webinars to help you fill your Think Tank and make the difference. Don't miss it, it will not be recorded.

  • Christopher Clawson
  • James Balfour
  • Theo Hendriks
  • Frank Napolitano
  • Chris Stevenson
  • Colin Wagget
  • John Harris
  • Cher Harris
  • Mel Tempest
  • David Barton
  • Paula Neubert
  • Scott Draper
  • Laurie Smith
  • Scott Gallespie
  • Ernst de Neef
  • Don Allen
  • Rick Caro
  • Eliseo Falcone
  • Giacomo Canessa
  • Andrea Pavolucci
  • Scott Lewandosky

A great Thank You to the 62 speakers that have contribuited to the previous webinars:

  1. Will Phillips (REX founder - USA)
  2. Joe Cirulli (Owner Gainesville Health and Fitness Center - USA)
  3. Mike Alpert (President/CEO The Claremont Club - USA)
  4. Sean Tan (CEO TRUE Group - Singapore - Taiwan)
  5. Barry J. Walsh (Founder/CEO Iconic Health Clubs - Ireland)
  6. Fahad Alhagbani (Co-founder/CEO Armah Sports Company - 1Rebel - Saudi Arabia)
  7. Ross Stewart Campbell (Founder & CEO FIT Summit - Singapore)
  8. Justin Tamsett ( MD Active Management - REX Facilitator - Australia)
  9. Jon Nasta (Retention Solutions - UK)
  10. Hans Muench (Muench Solutions Consulting - Switzerland)
  11. Matthew Januszek (Co-Founder Escape - UK)
  12. Han Doorenbrosh (CEO Urgan Gym Group - Netherland)
  13. Agusta Johnson (MD Hreyfing Health Club - Iceland)
  14. Bo Burlingham (Contributing writer Forbes - Author "Small Giants" book - USA)
  15. Mark Miller (COO Merrit Clubs - REX facilitator - USA)
  16. Erkki Torn (CEO My Fitness and GYM chains - ESTONIA, LATVIA, LITHUANIA)
  17. Varpu Jänisniemi (Owner GoGo gyms and GoGo Express - Finland)
  18. Jay Ablondi (Executive VP of Global Products IHSRA - USA)
  19. Steven Schwartz (CEO Midtown Athletic Clubs - USA)
  20. Jonathan Fisher (Holmes Places-Europe)
  21. Victor Brick (Planet Fitness - Brick Bodies- United States)
  22. David Minton (The Leisure Database- United Kingdon)
  23. Brent Darden (REX USA-United States)
  24. Anthony Barquisseau (Genae Clubs-France)
  25. Paula Caleca (Grupo Gymnasium-Portugal)
  26. Annie Fältman (360 Träningscenter-Sweden)
  27. Blair McHaney (MXM-Medallia Partner-USA)
  28. Irina Kutina (Encore Fitness-Russia)
  29. Stefania Ubaldi (European Lifestyle-Medicine Organization- Switzerland)
  30. Alessandro Ameli (Automotive Industry-Singularity University- Switzerland)
  31. Julien Corbiere (Aquaboulevard-Forest Hill-France)
  32. Alexander Wilewski (Total Fitness-Poland)
  33. Dave Wright (Myzone-United Kingdom)
  34. Rudy Fabiano (CEO Fabiano Designs -USA) 
  35. Alfredo De Goyeneche (CEO Latamfit Chile - O2 Fit, Smartfit, Orangetheory Fitness - Chile) 
  36. Marcos Requena (Owner/CEO Pavigym - Spain) 
  37. Kim K.D. (Founder/CEO KD Sports Inc - South Korea)
  38. Tilemakos Koukouflis (Founder/CEO Alterlife - Greece - Ciprus)
  39. Jim Worthington (Owner Newtown Athletic Club - USA)
  40. Davide Cavalieri (CEO Cavalieri Retailing- Italy)
  41. Aaron Moore (Director VIDA Fitness & Aura Spa - USA)
  42. Bryan O'Rourke (CEO, Advisor, Entrepreneur & Keynote  - USA) 
  43. Henrik Gockel (Owner PRIME TIME fitness - Germany) 
  44. Cuoco Black (Architect - New York)
  45. Kent Orrgren (CEO  World Class - Romania)
  46. Christophe Andanson (Owner Planet fitness - CEO Les Mills Euromed- France)
  47. Leila Timergaleeva (General Manager "CompleteBody Limelight" - NYC and IHRSA Ambassador to Russia)
  48. Nerio Alessandri (Founder & CEO Technogym - Italy)
  49. Robert Sallis (Chairman  Exercise Is Medicine - USA)
  50. Kirsty Schneeberger (CEO  Synchronicity Earth -UK)
  51. James Wilks (Producer at The Game Changers - USA)
  52. Jonathan Fisher (CEO Holmes Place Brands - Portugal)
  53. Herman Rutgers (EuropeActive Co-founder & Ambassador - Netherlands)
  54. Kilian Fisher (IHRSA representative to WHO - Ireland)
  55. Liz Terry (CEO Health Club Management and Fit Tech Global - UK)
  56. Rob Barker (President Precor Inc. & Executive Board Member, Amer Sports.  - USA)
  57. Lynne Brick (Co-owner and President of Planet Fitness Growth Partners - USA)
  58. Michaël Schouwaerts (Director of the Sportoase Group - Belgium)
  59. Frank Lawrence (CEO Little Rock Athletic Centers. IHRSA Board of Director - USA)
  60. Gale Landers (CEO Fitness Formula Clubs - USA)
  61. Nathan Clute (CEO Pulse Fitness Group - 1Rebel - Middle East)
  62. Paul Bedford (Retention Guru - UK)


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