How Does REX works?

REX is a very systematic and organized approach, we meet 3 times a year for 3 days in different cities around the world wich include visits, with discussion and feedback, discussions in a meeting room with a pre-set agenda developed by the facilitator after discussing with the team before the trip. 
There are also speakers from the same or different industries coming to bring ideas and diffrent points of view.  In one meeting you have an author of a famous book (Bo Burlingham, author of "Small Giants"), and in another meeting you could listen to a founder of one of the best 5 star hotel in the world (Blue Lagoon, Iceland). 

A set of KPIs are given to each member and the facilitator keeep the members accountable through out the year. 

Often we visit a specific member's country to make an "inspection" to his fitness clubs, then the next day we put him on the "hot seat" in the middle of the room to listen "the ugly truth", the honest and unbised feedback provided by his peers on his business (only this part is worth more than 10 times the annual membership).

It is like being immerse in a waterfall of ideas, knowledge and experiences and you can catch one or more ideas which will have a significant impact on your business and your life. 

Sometimes you can get an idea that is monetized in thousands of Euros and other times you can get inspired to create a totally new concept worth hundreds of millionis. 

One of the most important pahse of a REX meeting are the "Informal Conversations", where members provide each other with feedback, advice and ideas on their most critical issues or opportunities. They hold each other accountable, inspire, challenge, support and motivate each other. They leave with insights and answers to take action on issues ranging from “how do I get my management team more engaged?” to “how do I take more time off without my business suffering?”.

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