Singapore 2020

Singapore November 2020

James Balfour & Giles Dean (1REBEL founders), Hugues Ricour (UBISOFT Video Games), Ross Campbell (Fit Summitt) and Mark Lowder (HydroMassage) are going to speak to the members of the REX-INTERNATIONAL team. 

They are meeting for 3 days in SINGAPORE. In addition to the sharing and discussion phases, they'll visit: 

  • 13 new and innovative fitness clubs and boutique studios concepts.
  • 6 companies outside the fitness industry.

1REBEL: learn the secrets of successful Boutique Studios directly from their founders

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A meaningful private discussion with James Balfour & Giles Dean (1REBEL founders) about the key success factors of the new, disruptive segment of the fitness industry known as “Boutiques Studios.” Small. highly specialized boutique fitness studios have exploded on the scene in the industry, causing quite a bit of change as well as creating opportunities and threats for the “budget” and “ luxury clubs”. Having a private session and being told directly from the "Kings of Boutiques" how they did it and the secret of their remarkable success is priceless. Both of them will join the REX-INTERNATIONAL team for the Singapore Club Tour so that we can learn from them how to explore a new opportunity with an open, flexible and bold mindset.

Gamification - the next Fitness business trends


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Hugues Ricour (UBISOFT) will speak at the Singapore REX meeting about GAMIFICATION, An incredible chance for the fitness industry's operators to learn from the person that has produced and developed two of the most successful video games: FIFA and ASSASSIN'S CREED.

Recovery in Fitness - Trends, Modalities and how to Monetize

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Fitness clubs have traditionally focused on the "work-out" as the best way for members to achieve results and their goals. Today, more and more clubs are recognizing that to achieve the best results, proper recovery is as crucial as the exercise. Mark Lowder (HydroMassage) will present the recovery trends in the fitness industry, the different recovery modalities and how to monetize recovery in your clubs.

Emerging fitness trends in Asia

Fit Summitt

DIVERSITY is one of the most important added values of REX as it is the key to innovation and change highly suitable to our changing and changeable market. Diversity in terms of culture, values, gender, business size and models, leadership styles, revenues, number of employees, experiences, industries, etc. Ross Stewart Campbell, founder of Fit Summit, will present the main fitness trends in Asian countries like Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan.

A well of ideas to be more competitive and profitable.


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Come to connect with this group of pioneers to experience first hand the constant exchange of Ideas, Best Practices, Successes and Failures that happens in a REX setting, while inspiring, supporting and challenging each other to improve professionally and personally. 

REX facilitator: Fausto Di Giulio

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Would you like to join the REX-INTERNATIONAL team in SINGAPORE?

Four positions are available for the following countries: Spain, Germany, China, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan, Israel, Thailand, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom and others.

TEAM CAPACITY: the maximum number of members in a REX team is 18.
COUNTRY EXCLUSIVITY: only one operator from each country is accepted.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 100% money-back guarantee


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