Virtual Meeting November 25

Modern CEOs and entrepreneurs from different industries collaborate to exchange experiences, inspire and support each others to improve innovation, profitability and competitiveness of their companies.

Team REX-Multisector
Virtual Meeting November 25

Each V-REX Multisector group is a confidential advisory board of some of the most modern thinking entrepreneurs and CEOs that provide each other with feedback, advice and ideas on their most critical issues or opportunities. They hold each other accountable, inspire, challenge, support and motivate each other to solve the most pressing business challenges and to reach the most compelling dreams.

Consisting of owners/CEOs of companies from different industries: retail, hospitality, health care, aerospace, transport, computer, telecommunication, agricolture, construction, education, pharmaceutical, food, entertainement, news media, energy, manufacturing, music, mining, web, electronics, etc. 

Members come from non-competing industries and companies in order to create an environment of complete transparency and trust.

Participants are spotted in such a way to ensure diversity rather than same business size. We have 4 types of groups based on company revenue size: 1-10ML, 10-50 ML, 50-200ML, above 200 ML.

V-REX Members get

  • REX Gatherings: 3 meeting a year, each one lasting 3 days (virtual o face-to-face)
  • Virtual-REX Meetings: monthly confidential 90 minutes roundtable meetings with other 15/18 peers and interviews with selected speakers with live Q&As.
  • CEO Live & on-demand webinars: monthly on-demand or live leadership and business training (in areas such as improving culture, raising capital, hiring, sales, marketing etc.) above and beyond the training at the virtual live meetings.
  • REXconnect: daily access to the "Power of REX Peers" asking questions to both your private group and/or the international community. I comprises the access to a set of REX tools to create deep connections that boost sharing and innovation.

V-REX Member Commitment                                                                                                Members commitment is annually or month-to-month. 


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