The Fitness Industry in 2030?  2 lessons learned from Automotive and Retail.

At the last WeWork Milan, the members of the REX-MULTISECTOR, representatives of 12 different industries, discussed the revolutionary effect of the DIGITAL and TECHNOLOGICAL innovation in the world of business.

What could be interesting for the FITNESS INDUSTRY operators, in order to anticipate the future, is:

AUTOMOTIVE: due to the current technological convergence, the auto sector faces the most fast-paced times it has ever experienced in the last 100 years: ride-sharing, autonomous driving, electric cars, etc, said Alessandro Ameli, who worked with Sergio Marchionne:
According to what TOMMASO EBHARDT wrote in his book "Marchionne", in 2030 self-driving cars will not exceed 15% and shared vehicles will be only 9%. 
Self-driving cars will still not dominate as the “silicon valley unicorn” has been targeted by regulators and therefore in need to gather more funding and time to be available at scale, highly automated driving will increasingly dominate in the next decade instead. So even in a scenario of major changes, the human mobility need will continue to grow, as explained through Mr. Marchetti constant, humanity is in need to move at least 1h6m per day. The ability of traditional automotive companies to capture value on the market is under siege thanks to technology-empowered entrepreneurs desire, to envision solutions using technology as a catalyst.

RETAIL: on-line shopping is growing very fast, but 85% of the sales will still happen in physical shops in 2030, said Davide Cavalieri from Cavalieri Retail. It will be down to the creation of a new customer experience that will to attract, engage and retain customers who will be going back for more.

The lesson for the FITNESS INDUSTRY, in this case, is to use technology innovations to improve the process and the attractiveness of the experience in the gyms. Massimilano Calogero, KPMG’s Insight and Innovation Centre director, illustrated how to use data to make the business processes more efficient. The STARBUCKS Reserve Roastery, TECHNOGYM flagship and AUDACE GYM that the group visited are a great example of how BRANDING and DESIGN transform a physical location into a true destination. 

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