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The most effective way for fitness club owners and CEOs to develop their Entrepreneurial, Leadership and Management skills is to belong to a REX Community of peers over a sustained period of time under the guidance of a skilled facilitator. 

The purpose is improving the profitability and competitiveness of each member’s business.

These groups have been established in the US for over 25 years and are active in North America, South America and Australia.About 200 of the World’s best clubs owners
are members in one of the REX Roundtables groups.  



The History

 REX is a unique school of strategic and operational marketing arising from a community created by the three great entrepreneurs that have marked the history of mankind: Edison, Ford and Firestone.
The three entrepreneurs realized that to create excellent companies were not enough only entrepreneurial insights and business skills, but the required skill was the ability in doing "network."









Thanks to the specific and proven REX LADDER METHOD you make better decisions with less risk and more benefit by:


Prima fase

Share ideas, experiences, and problem solving with your colleagues (Certainly someone has already and brilliantly overcome the same problem and the solution adopted will help save you considerable time, money, and energy).


Terza fase
Connect with a selected team of peers to build your own team for emotional support and help you see and improve your strengths and weaknesses.


Seconda fase
Disconnect from the daily turbine to learn to work ON business and not IN business so as to stimulate creativity and reload emotional batteries.

All this thanks to the application of REX LADDER METHOD which is based on 4 specific pillars: Tools, Values, Colleagues and REX Facilitators







REX Trusted Suppliers

Fausto Di Giulio

Fausto Di Giulio


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Will Phillips


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Eddie Tock